Inset (In Service Educational Training) might be something that you wouldn't think to come to MTA for, but as many schools now realise decitated musical training for it's staff is hard to find. 
We specialise in training primary school staff to deliver the music curriculum in an effective way. We use the Kodaly Hand Signs method to develop pitch and interval recognition in younger students. A simple day or twighlight training session can help non musicians give a well researched music course to KS1 & KS2 pupils. We also offer a post training support programme as well as teaching aids.
Our second specialism is right at the other end of the student scale. We provide technical studio support and training in Musi Technology & Production (up to and including A Level tuition). 

All our courses a bespoke to a particular school's needs. Please contact us through our contact form so we can help you.

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